Gifts 'N Things Lil' Shopper's Shoppe

Fun and Safe Ways to Run Your Shop

The Lil' Shopper's Shoppe understands the importance of making students, staff, and volunteers feel safe, we are offering the following options. In addition, we will waive the cancellation fee if you are unable to run your shop for any reason.

Traditional Shop: School Delivery

  • Merchandise is shipped to the school
  • Volunteers set up the shop in the school
  • Students walk through the shop, select gifts, and make purchase
  • Dates: Most schools run 3 to 5 day sales
Traditional Shop Signup

Virtual Shop: Home Delivery

The Virtual Shop can be combined with a Traditional or Touchless Shop for schools that have both students in the classroom and students studying online from home.

Example: If you have 500 students in your school and 300 are in the classroom (even for a few days a week) we can send gifts for the 300 students to shop in a traditional or touchless shop. For the 200 students studying online from home, you email them the parent letter/email for them to be able to participate and select gifts from the virtual shop.

  • Parent letter and/or email is sent to families
  • Families shop and pay for gifts online
  • Gifts are shipped directly to individual family homes
  • Dates: Spring shops run from late January through June. Winter shops run during November, all orders must be received by early December to guarantee Christmas delivery
Virtual Shop Signup